Technology | May 08, 2007

Next Generation Visualization, Analysis Tool

ViTALCardia includes a new EP planning tool and CathView, a new angiographic orientation.

Designed specifically for cardiologists, ViTALCardia is an advanced visualization and analysis tool designed for non-invasive evaluation of cardiovascular disease. The software includes several high-performance applications for the visualization and analysis of cardiovascular images, including: coronary vessel analysis, cardiac functional analysis, calcium scoring, peripheral vessel analysis and SurePlaque coronary plaque characterization software. With the availability of higher resolution image data, ViTALCardia focuses on the quantification and characterization of disease through the analysis of highly resolved image data.

ViTALCardia contains a 3-D advanced visualization and modeling tool for the electrophysiology (EP) lab. ViTAL EP, which is pending FDA clearance, automatically identifies anatomic landmarks, segments and probes the left atrium and the pulmonary veins to the first bifurcation. The application then creates a three dimensional anatomic model of the heart for super-imposing EP mapping. In addition to its powerful clinical features, ViTAL EP has a streamlined integration with the St. Jude Medical EnSite System.

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