Technology | October 07, 2007

Noninvasive, Whole-Body Hypothermia System Introduced by Cincinnati Sub-Zero

October 8, 2007 - Cincinnati Sub-Zero (CSZ) Products Inc. released its Kool Kit noninvasive, integrated, whole-body hypothermia system in September.
The company says the Kool Kit system is an effective and efficient alternative to traditional patient cooling techniques. It combines the CSZ Head Wrap, Patient Vest, and Lower-Body Blanket together into an integrated, comprehensive solution for whole-body cooling that provides maximum surface area coverage.
Recent studies of myocardial infarction (heart attack), stroke and head-trauma patients indicate that well-managed whole-body cooling may lead to a reduction in long-term neurological damage by minimizing the impact of oxygen deprivation to the heart and brain. Lowering and holding core body temperature in the 33-35 Celsius range for 24-48 hours for cardiac arrest patients is becoming the standard of care in many facilities. Studies also report whole-body cooling might dramatically reduce fatigue and weakness in patients with acute neuromuscular disorders, including multiple sclerosis.

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