Technology | November 16, 2006

Occlusion Device Manages Blood Flow for Peripheral Interventions

A guide wire-based occlusion device, the GuardDOG by Possis Medical enables physicians to quickly and effectively manage local blood flow while employing interventional techniques and devices to treat vascular disease. It features a 0.035-inch diameter guide wire, preferred for peripheral interventions, and a soft, compliant, CO2-filled balloon providing quick inflation and deflation. Designed to facilitate delivery of over-the-wire interventional tools, the GuardDOG System can be delivered through 0.038-inch diagnostic catheters to the treatment site. The system can be inflated, deflated and positioned up to three times during a single procedure, improving efficiencies in both routine and complicated procedures. These features enable physicians to manage blood flow and achieve desired occlusion in peripheral vessels 3-6 mm in size.

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