Technology | June 28, 2006

Realistic Phlebotomy Training Reinforces Correct Vascular-Access Procedures

A computer-based simulator for helping users acquire, develop, maintain and assess the motor skills and cognitive knowledge needed to perform intravenous access procedures, the CathSim AccuTouch system has been integral to training programs. A new Phlebotomy module adds safety needles and an updated collection tube draw order. These advancements align CathSim procedures with standards recommended by the Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute (CLSI, formerly NCCLS) and contribute to the system's realistic training environment. This environment includes patented force feedback technology that simulates the feel of vascular access procedures, including the "pop" of venipuncture. The force feedback is closely integrated with the visual and audio responses of virtual patients. The Phlebotomy module has six patient-based scenarios that provide progressively difficult anatomy to help students increase their skills before beginning clinical practice. The simulated patients present various problems and also audibly respond to pain. In addition, virtual aides, such as real-time views that show underlying anatomy and needle angle, enhance the learning process, while evaluation metrics help in the objective assessment of users. The CathSim AccuTouch system promotes patient safety by helping to increase trainees' competence, confidence and experience base.

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