Technology | November 22, 2010

RHIO Platform Provides Image Sharing

Exam-Link is a regional health information organization (RHIO) image-sharing platform from CoActiv. The LINK provides RHIOs and other affiliated, authorized medical facilities with immediate access to all patient exams, wherever and whenever the exam was performed. The vendor-neutral, cloud-based solution combines a pre-indexing feature that enables remote Web-based image access with all the advanced features and security of the company’s Exam-Vault archiving.

“With Exam-Link, for example,” said Ed Heere, president and CEO of CoActiv, “If a patient is seen in an ER of an Exam-Link hospital while in California, an ER physician can immediately access that patient's recent CT from a NY imaging center, his MRI from a Connecticut hospital and/or his chest X-ray from a NJ orthopedist. By leveraging its advanced vendor-neutral archiving CoActiv can provide access to patient exams performed at sites in different cities, states, regions — anywhere in the country.”

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