Technology | February 20, 2008

Single-Hand Fluid Aspiration Device Now Available

Pinyons Medical Technology Inc. received FDA clearance to market its PowrSyringe Aspirator, a disposable hand-held large barrel syringe that incorporates ergonomic and mechanical advantages for single-hand fluid aspiration during a variety of medi-cal procedures.

The use of a large syringe barrel to aspirate fluids can increase aspiration speed and volume when compared to a smaller syringe barrel. However, it takes additional user strength and force to pull plungers back when using larger barrels. Therefore, most aspiration procedures require one-hand to hold the barrel and the other hand to pull the plunger back for successful aspiration.

The PowrSyringe Aspirator eliminates the need for two hands to perform aspiration. The aspirator�s design includes handles connected to an integrated syringe barrel and plunger that pull the plunger back when the handles are squeezed.

Disposable syringes are used worldwide in millions of procedures per year to assist in blood clot removal, biopsy, drainage of abscesses, cysts, plural effusions, and other procedures. The PowrSyringe is open-ended with universal connectors in a variety of barrel sizes that are compatible with multiple catheters, needles and related medical devices.

February 2008

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