Technology | April 03, 2008

Sony Rolls Out Color Dye-Sublimation, High-Speed Imager

April 4, 2008 - Sony featured its range of printers and peripherals for digital cardiac imaging at ACC 2008, highlighting the UP-D77MD model color dye-sublimation, and the UP-D74XRD DICOM high-speed imager.

The UP-D77MD offers DICOM image with 300-dpi letter size output and is designed to support a full range of modalities that call for high-quality color printing, including 3D-CT. The imager uses advanced dye-sublimation technology with color management, optimized to support accurate color reproduction and scree-to-proint color matching without altering grayscale values. The 8 x 10-inch printer produces reportedly smudge-free images for referring physicians and patient records.

The UP-D74XRD DICOM high-speed 8 x 10-inch monochrome digital imager is engineered for use in ultrasound and mobile c-arm and X-ray applications. The imager delivers high-resolution printing on both film and paper and provides, according to manufacturer, a cost-efficient option for medical professionals who need multi-format capabilities.

The Filmstation dry film imager was also on display. The system delivers high-resolution images in 4, 096 shades of gray with an innovative thermal print head and blue thermal film. The imager is designed for interpretation of studies in modalities that include CT, MRI, ultrasound, CR and DR.

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