Technology | June 28, 2006

SPY Fluorescent Technology Enables Close-Up, Real-Time Imaging of Heart’s Surface

An intraoperative fluorescent imaging system, SPY technology, enables cardiac surgeons to confirm the location of the coronary arteries and assess bypass graft functionality during coronary artery bypass procedures.
Patented by Novadaq Technologies, the SPY Imaging System enables the surgeon to view, record, replay, print and archive high-quality, real-time images of the coronary arteries and bypass grafts.
Mounted on an articulating arm that allows the camera head to be easily positioned, the automatic-focus camera enables the surgeon to view close-up images of the surface of the heart, and its automatic distance/focus sensor ensures the camera remains in constant focus.
The system’s laser light source excites the ICG imaging agent, causing fluorescence.
Additionally, the system features a computer hard drive with CD burner, a keyboard that allows easy input of and access to patient information, an image printer and mobile cabinet that moves easily within the surgical suite and from room to room. The cabinet conveniently stores all the components of the SPY System and the SPY Paq.

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