Technology | November 15, 2006

Station Increases Level, Timeliness of Care for Victims

The Mobile Acuity LT Central Monitoring Station is designed to allow emergency caregivers to establish an Emergency Medical Delivery Area when and where it's needed. Central station monitoring is made to be deployed immediately on site in response to emergency situations to increase the level and timeliness of care for victims involved.

Used in conjunction with Welch Allyn's Propaq and Micropaq monitors, Mobile Acuity LT instantly networks up to 12 patients and supplies caregivers with the same alarm, alert, arrhythmia and vital signs information that exists in hospital emergency departments, said the company. The company also said the Multiple Mobile Acuity LT Centrals can be deployed in the same area to provide monitoring for up to 120 patients. It is available as a wireless or hardwired network.

With the Mobile Acuity LT, victims can be stabilized at the incident site when transportation is unavailable, and monitoring facilities can be set up when hospitals are overloaded or contamination issues exist.

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