Technology | June 28, 2006

Unified Platform Provides Quick, Easy Visualization of Cardiac Images

Based on the syngo 3-D task card, syngo CardioFusion makes it quick and easy to view images of the heart. The system provides several features to streamline the cardiology visualization workflow, including One-Click Heart Isolation, a feature that provides enhanced visualization of the heart by allowing the user to isolate the heart from the surrounding tissue.
Automatic Registration between datasets is initiated upon loading of two datasets. Advanced Visualization/Fused VRT(2) is a display capability that fuses volume rendering techniques (VRT) of two imaging modalities (i.e., CT VRT fused with PET VRT). The transparency of the VRTs can be adjusted as desired. In addition, the system has reorientation that allows the user to easily manipulate images to conform to American Heart Association display guidelines.

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