Technology | September 04, 2008

Vascular Solutions Launches Ultra-Low Profile Snare

Vascular Solutions will partner with Radius Medical Technologies for the U.S. launch of the MICRO Elite Snare, a device designed for the retrieval and manipulation of foreign bodies located in the coronary and peripheral cardiovascular system and the extra-cranial neurovascular anatomy, which Vascular Solutions will distribute exclusively in the U.S.

The MICRO Elite Snare is reportedly the only available snare that can be deployed through a 0.014-inch lumen, making it deliverable through conventional microcatheters and balloon catheters. Even with its ultra-low profile, the MICRO Elite Snare features a robust cobalt chromium helical loop design for optimal retrieval and manipulation.

The loop is encapsulated in a platinum coil to enhance
visualization under fluoroscopy. The cobalt chromium loop is highly flexible and torqueable for atraumatic delivery.
The deal will expand upon Vascular Solutions’ portfolio of proprietary clinical solutions for diagnosing and treating vascular conditions.

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