CMS, Inc.

1145 Corporate Lake Drive
Suite 100
Saint Louis, MO 63132-1716

Our business goes beyond the products of software. Through our vast experience, we have come to understand that radiation treatment planning is not just about technology: It is about providing those solutions that address true human need. For our customers. Their patients. Our world. Because we see it as both a fundamental opportunity and our inherent role, we will advance our industry by managing the balance between technology and humanity. In doing so, we will provide our unique perspective for the greater benefit of every single life we touch.
This is where the vision of progress and the voice of possibility become one. Where an innate code of ethics is the very backbone of our existence. And where, above all, rests the power to redefine the role of software in oncology care, to give customers new meaning-and patients, new hope. To build this deeper understanding, we will walk with our peers, constantly evolving the future of oncology care, together. Locally, we will guide. Globally, we will lead. This is our promise. This is our purpose. This, is CMS.