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Import, store, view, print medical images. Diagnostic film, grayscale paper, color paper, and CD/DVD discs are customizable to showcase your modality’s image quality with Horizon Imager and Virtua Disc Publisher.
Integrity Medical Image Importer, a compact, stand alone solution to read, reconcile, store studies. Web-based for multi-user access; assures security. Integrity separates disc read from reconciliation for workflow advantages. Locate where patients arrive with discs to be imported; reconciliation/storing to PACS occurs at any network computer with a browser.
Infinity Medical Image Server (work-in-progress) an expandable, user-friendly DICOM storage appliance to store/retrieve images. A PACS alternative to save time and money, it provides fast, easy storage of large temporary datasets from CT, MR, etc. Intuitive interface, pre-configured features enable users to install/administer their own Infinity.

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