Foresight Imaging, LLC

70 Industrial Avenue
Lowell, MA 01852

The mission of Foresight Imaging is to provide precision hardware and software solutions for all medical imaging specialties, enabling physicians to obtain the highest image quality available for accurate diagnoses.
Foresight Imaging is the world leader in the design and application of high-accuracy, high-performance video streamers and frame grabbers. More than 80,000 of our imaging boards are now in use worldwide. Foresight Imaging is also an innovator in PACS connectivity hardware and software for all fields of medical imaging. Our products are in use at elite medical centers around the world.
Building upon our unsurpassed board technologies, Foresight Imaging developed TIMS: the most complete analog-to-DICOM solution for any medical modality. This small footprint, network-ready workstation combines our core image quality technology with 510(k)-accredited image acquisition software. It represents the most advanced telemedicine system available and has even been demonstrated by NASA for its remote diagnostic capabilities.

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