ITC Corporation

8 Olsen Avenue
Edison, NJ 08820-2419

ITC is a world leader in the fields of hemostasis management and point-of-care testing with over 35 years of knowledge and experience. ITC devices are reliable, easy to use, and enjoy significant brand recognition as a result of their product superiority. ITC instruments and disposables are used in areas requiring point-of-care or near patient monitoring: Cardiac Surgery and Interventional procedures, Critical Care and Alternate Site areas, including Physician Offices, Clinics and Patient Self-Testing. ITC is committed to helping patients and improving quality of life through innovation and technological advancements.
ITC develops, manufactures and markets products in five distinct categories: HEMOCHRON® point-of-care coagulation instruments and reagents; IRMA® Blood Analysis System for blood gas and electrolyte testing; skin incision products including tenderfoot®, Tenderlett® and Surgicutt®; Hgb Pro Professional Hemoglobin Testing System®; and the ProTime® Microcoagulation System for prothrombin time testing at home and for professional use.

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