ONI Medical Systems, Inc.

301 Ballardvale Street
Suite 4
Wilmington, MA 01887

ONI Medical Systems, founded in 1997, develops and markets a family of dedicated purpose MRI systems that offer high-field performance at a low selling price (when compared to whole body MRI units). Our first product, the OrthOne® and our new MSK Extreme™, are high-field (1.0 Tesla), dedicated purpose MRI systems for extremity imaging that provides hospital quality diagnostic images. The OrthOne and MSK Extreme™ are the only compact design, high-field, truly open configuration extremity MRI systems available in the medical marketplace. Requiring about 200 square feet of floor space, the ONI extremity MRI is easily sited in hospitals, diagnostic imaging centers and orthopedics/sports medicine practices. And, the ONI extremity MRI provides a quiet, comfortable, non-claustrophobic experience for patients. Our installed customer base includes many highly respected hospitals, imaging centers and orthopedic practices located throughout the United States and Canada.

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