Pie Medical Imaging

Becanusstraat 13D
Maastricht, 6216 BX
The Netherlands
+31 43 328 1328
+31 43 328 1329

Pie Medical Imaging designs and delivers the software solutions in cardiovascular analysis that drive next-generation research and diagnostics. Backed by an extensive research and development department, Pie Medical Imaging uses its expertise in quantitative analysis software for cardiology and radiology to develop new state-of-the-art solutions for its customers. Pie Medical Imaging, world market leader in quantitative analysis software for cardiology and radiology, is well known for its CAAS (Cardiovascular Angiography Analysis System) products. The CAAS software stands for accurate and reproducible analysis results, is extensively validated, is fast and easy to use and represents the golden standard in quantitative analysis. The company also offers CAAS MR, CAAS X-ray and CAAS IntraVascular.

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