360 Photos | 360 View Photos | August 30, 2018

360 View Inside a Detroit Fire Department Ambulance With Defibrillator-monitor

This is a 360 degree photo inside a Detroit Fire Department ambulance equipped with a new Zoll X Series defibrillator-monitor being tested by a paramedic. The department is upgrading all of its EMT defibrillator-monitors to the Zoll machines in late 2018. The new system allows for additional, integrated monitoring for pulse oximetry and up to 16 ECG leads to enhance the accuracy of ECG diagnostics. The system is also smaller and lighter weight than the departments older units. The X Series allows for transmission of pre-hospital ECGs to destination emergency rooms for prior review to determine if the cath lab should be activated and the patient transferred directly there in STEMI cases to reduce door-to-balloon times


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