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ESC Congress 2022 Announces Hot Line Sessions

Organizers of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) Congress have released plans and announced 10 Hot Line Sessions for the event scheduled for August 26-29, 2022, in Barcelona, Spain. The four-day program this year marks 70 years since the first ESC Congress and will offer important content for clinical practice and research.



Organizers of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) Congress have released plans and announced 10 Hot Line Sessions for the event scheduled for August 26-29, 2022, in Barcelona, Spain. The four-day program this year marks 70 years since the first ESC Congress and will offer important content for clinical practice and research.

The spotlight in 2022 is 'Cardiac imaging', with its profound implications for prevention, diagnosis, clinical decision-making, guiding of interventions and follow-up of therapeutic procedures.

ESC Congress 2022 will also be the first time that ESC Congress will be accessible both onsite and online, ensuring access the very latest science and clinical updates. The digital platform will include multiple sessions live from Barcelona and the full ESC 2022 program will be available on demand, according to Congress planners. 

New session formats and onsite activities are being prepared to facilitate networking to share the latest developments in cardiovascular medicine and patient care with peers.

A further highlight, reported ESC 2022 Congress planners, is the release of four new ESC Clinical Practice Guidelines, accompanied by state-of-the-art summaries to inform and improve clinical practice and implementation.

The most innovative scientific updates from late-breaking clinical trials and ground-breaking studies will be featured in the Hot Line Sessions and throughout the program.

Hot Lines sessions are reserved for first presentation of the primary endpoint(s) of novel clinical trials, recently completed and unpublished. These presentations will be complemented by a deep dive into the data during the 'Meet the Trialists' sessions including discussions with the trialists and insights from key opinion leaders.

“We have crafted a truly exceptional Hot Lines program for ESC Congress 2022, and I encourage everybody to explore all of them,” said Stephan Windecker, ESC Congress Program Committee Chair. He added, “The results of these major clinical studies have the potential to advance patient outcomes, impact clinical practice and inform future clinical practice guidelines.”

Ten Hot Line Session studies will be presented in Barcelona and broadcast online.

FRIDAY, August 26

Hotline Session 1

TIME - The Treatment in Morning versus Evening study.

A polypill strategy in secondary prevention: results of the SECURE trial

PERSPECTIVE - Sacubitril/valsartan and cognitive function in HFmrEF and HFpEF


SATURDAY, August 27

Hotline Session 2

DANCAVAS - Screening and intervention to prevent cardiovascular disease.

ADVOR - Acetazolamide in acute heart failure.

DANFLU-1 - High-dose vs. standard-dose quadrivalent influenza vaccine in elderly adults.

BOX - Oxygen therapy in comatose OHCA patients.

Hotline Session 3

BOX - Optimizing blood pressure in post-resuscitation care.

REVIVED - Percutaneous Revascularization for Ischemic Ventricular Dysfunction.

ALL-HEART - Allopurinol and cardiovascular outcomes in ischemic heart disease.

EchoNet-RCT - Safety and Efficacy Study of AI LVEF.

Hotline Session 4

DELIVER - Dapagliflozin in Heart Failure with Mildly Reduced and Preserved Ejection Fraction.

Pooled analysis of DAPA-HF and DELIVER.

A Pre-Specified Meta-Analysis of DELIVER and EMPEROR-Preserved.


SUNDAY, August 28

Hotline Session 5

INVICTUS - Rivaroxaban versus VKA for rheumatic atrial fibrillation.

PACIFIC-AMI - Efficacy and safety of factor XIa inhibitor asundexian on top of dual antiplatelet therapy after acute myocardial infarction.

PACIFIC-STROKE - Phase 2 Program of Anticoagulation via Inhibition of FXIa by the oral Compound BAY 2433334 – non-cardioembolic STROKE study.

AXIOMATIC-SSP: Antithrombotic treatment with factor XIa inhibition to Optimize Management of Acute Thromboembolic events for Secondary Stroke Prevention.

Hotline Session 6

eBRAVE-AF - Smartphone-based AF screening.

Causal AI substantially improves the validity of estimating cardiovascular risk and benefit.

AI-ENHANCED detection of Aortic Stenosis.

Hotline Session 7

DanNICAD-2 - Perfusion scanning with MR or PET after a positive CT coronary angiography.

The PRE18FFIR trial: Coronary Plaque Activity to Predict Recurrent Events.

The FRAME-AMI trial.


MONDAY, August 29

Hotline Session 8

ISCHEMIA-CKD EXTEND - Clinical Outcomes at 5 years of Follow-up.

15-month results of the MASTER DAPT trial.

FOURIER-OLE: Primary Results.

FIDELITY: Causes of mortality.

PARADISE-MI trial - Win Ratio Analysis.

Hotline Session 9

CTT meta-analysis of the effects of statins on muscle symptoms.

MTT - Assessing the effects of ARBs and beta-blockers in Marfan Syndrome.

PANTHER - P2Y12 inhibitor versus aspirin monotherapy in patients with coronary artery disease.

RTC - Radial versus femoral access for coronary procedures.

Hotline Session 10

COVID-PACT - Antithrombotic therapy in critically Ill COVID-19 patients.

ACT Outpatient trial.

ACT Inpatient trial.

Additional information on the event is available at

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