News | October 17, 2007

Guerbet Highlights X-Ray Agent, Oxilan

October 18, 2007 - Guerbet will feature at TCT 2007 its x-ray contrast agent, Oxilan (ioxilan) injection, a contrast agent that is a non-ionic low-viscous and low-osmolar monomer.

It Oxilan has reportedly had favorable results with usage feedback regarding side-effects, and Guerbet’s products compete in the x-ray contrast media market, a market where accurate diagnosis is of utmost importance. Although opacification is a major metric used to judge the quality of contrast media, other significant characteristics such as ionicity, chemical structure, osmolality, and viscosity have important influences on their efficacy and safety. Guerbet has emphasized the point that these additional characteristics can significantly effect visualization, hemodynamics, thrombogenecity, contrast-induced nephropathy, and other various clinical outcomes. This emphasis has been implemented in the development of Oxilan, whose chemical characteristics have resulted in high quality imaging with minimal side effects.
Peak plasma levels occur immediately following intravenous injection, allowing imaging to occur rapidly and Guerbet recognized these clinical benefits of non-ionic monomers. Oxilan was developed in this category with its unique chemical structure to ensure high quality.

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