News | July 14, 2008

HeartCentrix 6.2 Connects EMR for Access to ECG, Stress, Holter Tests

July 15, 2008 - Cardiac Science today launched its HeartCentrix 6.2 data management product for the physician office to connect Burdick and Quinton equipment to an electronic medical record (EMR) system.

The connectivity gives access to test results remotely and across locations with a single sign-on from within the EMR itself.

"With HeartCentrix, our GEMMS ONE electronic medical record system now provides immediate access to patient information and we don't have to worry about losing the hard copy of test results," said Dr. David Griffen from Heart Clinic Arkansas. "If a patient suddenly presents with chest pain, we can go to his electronic chart immediately for the critical information we need. It's all right there at our fingertips."
The company said HeartCentrix helps save time and paper, eliminates errors, helps to ensure patient safety, and communicates bi-directionally with many Burdick and Quinton devices.

The 6.2 version offers four new features versus the prior release, namely it interfaces with the Burdick Universal ECG, a PC-based ECG solution. It is certified with the Allscripts UAI interface, supports VISTA, remains Windows compatible, and allows local printing, supplementing EMR systems' printing capabilities.

Using a single sign-on from within the EMR, the company said users can download orders and patient demographics directly to Burdick and Quinton diagnostic devices, upload results back to the EMR after tests are performed, and review and edit test results at the office or any remote location.

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