News | August 30, 2007

Medrad Rolls Out Extension Set for CT Power Injection

August 31, 2007 – Medrad released the PRE Pressure-Rated Extension Set, a disposable tube set that attaches the patient catheter and the power injector tubing, that is rated for computed tomography (CT) power injection and specifically approved for Medrad CT contrast injection systems.

PRES is designed to reduce the risk of disposable extension set rupture during powered injection of contrast agent or saline when using Medrad’s CT injection systems, including the market-leading Stellant CT Injection System.

According to the manufacturer, PRES allows clinicians to follow the FDA’s recommendation to use only vascular access devices designed to tolerate high pressure3.

Medrad also introduced a set of custom adhesive tape strips, HandiSTRIPS, designed to help clinicians to tape the catheter and pressure-rated extension set to the patient and secure a bandage at the end of the procedure.

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