Technology | August 12, 2011

Patent Granted for Simbionix Procedure Rehearsal Studio

August 12, 2011— Simbionix USA Corp., a provider of medical simulation training and education products for medical professionals and the healthcare industry, has been granted a patent in the United Kingdom for its innovative Procedure Rehearsal Studio.

The product allows clinicians to create patient-specific 3-D and 4-D anatomical models based on imaging data, such as computed tomography (CT), for the purpose of simulating and planning endovascular procedures.

The patent was granted on Simbionix's proprietary technology, used to simulate an image-guided angioplasty procedure based on input from a patient's 3-D medical image. This allows a hands-on planning and rehearsal experience and provides physicians with unlimited generation of unique clinical case studies and the ability to better demonstrate a complex clinical procedure to their patients.

Earlier this year, the software was market cleared in the United States. It is intended for use as an interface and image segmentation system for the transfer of imaging data from a medical scanner to an output file.

It is also intended as pre-operative software for simulating and evaluating surgical treatment options. Unique to the Simbionix simulation systems, the 3-D segmentation model can be exported to the Simbionix Angio Mentor Simulator practice environment. The results are an advanced method of creating a library of modules for training and post-operative debriefing.

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