Technology | September 04, 2012

Philips ECG Management Systems Now Interface With mVisum STEMI Alert Smartphone App

App helps shorten the time between a heart attack and treatment

September 4, 2012 — Philips Heathcare announced that mVisum Inc.’s STEMI Alert smartphone app is now available to work in conjunction with Philips TraceMasterVue and IntelliSpace electrocardiogram (ECG) management systems.

ST-elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI) is a heart attack that occurs when a blood clot significantly blocks one of the coronary arteries, causing the muscle being supplied by that vessel to begin to die. Since the majority of the muscle damage occurs within the first one to two hours, acting quickly at the first sign of heart attack symptoms can help save a patient’s life and limit damage to the heart. Current hospital door-to-balloon initiatives focus on reduction of the time to treatment.

mVisum’s STEMI Alert is a comprehensive tool designed to gather patient data surrounding an acute cardiac event and securely push it to physicians’ smartphones where is can be quickly viewed, assessed and responded to.

At the heart of the mVisum STEMI Alert process is the patient ECG, which is acquired by the Philips PageWriter cardiograph and analyzed by the industry-leading DXL ECG Algorithm. The DXL Algorithm determines which ECGs are in need of clinical attention, and they are wirelessly transferred to the Philips TraceMasterVue or IntelliSpace ECG management system. These identified ECGs are then “pushed” directly to the appropriate clinician’s smartphone via the Alert Platform, removing the need to travel to a review station, and helping clinicians to make faster, better-informed decisions when time is of the essence.

“The addition of the STEMI application positively contributes to our overall coordination of care,” said Steve Marshall, M.D., emergency department medical director for Overlake Medical Center in Bellevue, Wash. “The mVisum STEMI Alert app allows immediate and effortless remote connection between our emergency department physicians and cardiology team. Being able to simultaneously view the current, and if applicable, previous ECG improves response time for our STEMI teams.”

Overlake Medical Center, a 349-bed Level III Trauma Center, utilizes the mVisum STEMI Alert in conjunction with its Philips TraceMasterVue system to ensure on-call cardiologists have timely and effortless access to patient ECGs.

The STEMI Alert app is supported on all major smartphone operating platforms including iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows, and helps guard against network and device malfunctions, protecting patient data and assisting customers in meeting HIPAA and HITECH requirements.

“The STEMI Alert in conjunction with Philips solutions can reduce the time between a cardiac event and its treatment by the on-call team,” said Praveen Dala, CEO, for mVisum. “We can help doctors communicate, collaborate and deliver life-saving care with the help of a single app.”

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