Technology | April 09, 2009

Sage Shows Cardiac Features of Intergy Suite Version 5.5 EHR at HIMSS

April 9, 2009 - Sage said its new Intergy Electronic Health Record (EHR) Version 5.5 allows for better medical device integration and auto-populates fields with information from many common cardiology devices. The company displayed the newest version of its EHR at HIMSS 2009 in Chicago this week.

Both data and images from ECG machines and stress test readings flow directly into the EHR, populating it with discrete data that can then be reported on or flowcharted for a quick, visual overview of a patient’s status over time. The company said its HeartCentrix integration provides the ability to display information from cardiology devices within Sage Intergy EHR.

Sage said the system helps providers work efficiently with payers, other providers and patients. It includes tools to help ensure a provider is being correctly reimbursed in a timely manner to help enhance revenue cycle management efforts.

The company said its EHR is also designed for better interoperability with different systems to enable. While most systems use one standard or rely on proprietary standards, Sage Intergy EHR supports both the CCD and CCR clinical document standards. This allows your engaged patient to choose any patient health record (PHR), and allows the providers to participate in virtually any HIE.

The system also has predictive orders management where the system “learns” the way a doctor practices medicine, then delivers provider- and practice-specific decision support and workflow management.

The Encounter Note wizard in Sage Intergy EHR Version 5.5 gives providers the ability to capture minable data while providing flexibility to modify the output into a more natural, narrative format. Practices can modify the Encounter Note structure, font, style – and even add the practice’s logo – without affecting the integrity of the codified data, so crucial for participation in P4P or PQRI initiatives.

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