Technology | June 03, 2013

Telemed Solutions Launches PC-Based Wireless Resting 12-Lead ECG

The device streams ECG data from the patient to a standard Windows computer

June 3, 2013 — Telemed Solutions released its initial product, the TM-12, a PC-based wireless 12-lead electrocardiogram (ECG) system. It embeds a Bluetooth radio into an ECG acquisition device, then streams that ECG data from the patient to a standard Windows computer.

 “By significantly reducing ECG equipment to the size of a Holter and incorporating wireless technology, we feel this is a much needed breakthrough the industry has been waiting for,” said Ken Burns, CEO of Telemed Solutions.  “We’ve seen significant advancements in wireless technology.  There’s no reason the medical field shouldn’t benefit from these advancements.”

Telemed Solutions expects general practitioners, cardiologists and electrophysiologists to embrace this new style of wireless ECG.

“Twelve-lead reports can now be exported to electronic format and emailed to a physician’s phone. These are fairly new concepts in the world of ECG. The TM-12 was designed to streamline workflow in a physician’s office.” Burns said.

The TM-12 uses the University of Glasgow ECG analysis program as its interpretation engine. 

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