Technology | February 24, 2012

TeraRecon Image-Enables EMR With iNtuition at HIMSS

February 24, 2012 — TeraRecon Inc. highlighted the capability of its flagship iNtuition enterprise image management solution to image-enable the electronic medical record (EMR) at the annual meeting of the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS), held Feb. 21-23, 2012, at the Las Vegas Sands Expo.


iNtuition and iNtuitionEMV

iNtuition provides a highly scalable true server/thin-client solution for the image processing needs of the healthcare enterprise, designed to bridge barriers between various imaging silos and the distributed population of users who require access to the images in a meaningful form.

iNtuition features a comprehensive range of client options, from the zero-footprint, multi-modality, browser-based iNtuitionEMV (Enterprise Medical Viewer), to the advanced iNtuition Client, which provides advanced image processing for volumetric scans such as computed tomography (CT), magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and positron emission tomography (PET).

All available iNtuition client options support a range of interoperability features to allow seamless integration with other healthcare informatics systems such as EMR, VNA, hospital information system (HIS), radiology information system (RIS) and picture archive and communications system (PACS). Support for mobile devices is provided via the iOS iNtuitionMOBILE app, and via parallel support for mobile browser-based access for iOS or Android.


iNtuitionCLOUD – Public and Private

TeraRecon is the first and only provider of true thin-client advanced visualization in the cloud via the iNtuition CLOUD service. Free evaluation accounts are available at

Since the initial launch of iNtuition CLOUD in 2010, over 3,000 accounts have been established, and rapid growth in usage continues monthly, as the company’s global network of data centers is expanded and enhanced. The iNtuition Uploader allows secure, compressed upload of DICOM image data, and the zero-footprint iNtuitionEMV can be used to view the uploaded images from any browser. The full iNtuition Client can also be run via a web browser to manipulate data uploaded to the cloud, if required.

The public iNtuitionCLOUD is completely self-contained and not reliant on any third-party service for cloud hosting services. As a result, a private iNtuitionCLOUD is also possible, with all security and access controls remaining within the healthcare enterprise.

Through this suite of Integration and Interconnectivity tools, iNtuition has advanced the field of enterprise-wide image review and advanced visualization – from zero-hardware Software-as-a-Service offerings, to full in-house deployments leveraging browser-based client technology capable of extensive integration and interoperability.


Integrating Quantitative Metadata

The toolset offered by iNtuition takes medical imaging beyond direct qualitative interpretation into the Quantitative Imaging realm, where measurements and other quantitative results are obtained. These results can be reported, tracked, stored and later mined. In order to facilitate integration of these results into the informatics workflow, iNtuition offers a structured Measurement Protocol feature to support the export of quantitative metadata into other systems, such as has been demonstrated with voice recognition and reporting solutions from M*Modal and Nuance.


iNtuition for Healthcare IT

“As innovation in healthcare IT drives forward, the demand for an enterprise strategy for medical images can only grow,” said Robert Taylor, Ph.D., TeraRecon president and CEO.

“Images, particularly from advanced, volumetric imaging modalities such as CT, MRI and PET, have enabled physicians to more quickly and accurately assess patients, and to better select the appropriate course of therapy. Accordingly, we believe that wider access to images, presented with meaningful and context-relevant tools for manipulation, will be a growing theme in the healthcare enterprise in coming years. iNtuition is equipped with an unparalleled suite of features and technologies to embrace this challenge, and to ‘image-enable’ the healthcare enterprise as part of a comprehensive, and wide-ranging healthcare information exchange strategy.”


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