Technology | November 01, 2011

TruFlight Select PET/CT Offers Economical Time-of-Flight Technology

Philips TruFlight Select is its first economical positron emission tomography/computed tomography (PET/CT) system equipped premium time-of-flight (TOF) technology, Astonish TF.  Competitive systems with similar performance can cost up to $500,000 more than the TruFlight Select PET/CT. 

Traditionally, TOF technology on PET/CT systems is only accessible to facilities that can afford high-end imaging systems.  Philips believes that all clinicians should have access to TOF because the technology can help improve lung and liver lesion detectability. TOF technology is designed to enhance image quality by reducing image artifacts, providing high sensitivity and up to 30 percent improved contrast when compared to non-TOF systems. The resulting images help clinicians better detect and locate lesions to increase diagnostic confidence and preserve healthy tissue during treatment. The TruFlight Select can be used for multiple purposes, including routine oncology imaging, diagnostic CT and the incorporation of PET radiation therapy planning.

Key Benefits/Features:

  • Cost-saving benefits from low system costs and the ability to utilize short lived isotopes
  • Time-of-Flight provides exceptional image quality
  • Enhanced speed, productivity and throughput with the Extended Brilliance Workspace for Nuclear medicine

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