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CT Dose Management

Last updated on December 03, 2021
Company Product
GE Healthcare Revoluton
GE Healthcare Discovery CT750 HD
GE Healthcare Optima CT660
GE Healthcare Discovery CT590 RT
GE Healthcare Optima CT580 RT/W
GE Healthcare Optima CT540/CT520
Hitachi Med Sys Amer Scenaria
Hitachi Medical Systems America Scenaria
Medic Vision SafeCT
Philips Healthcare iCT
Philips Healthcare Ingenuity
Philips Healthcare Ingenuity Flex32
Philips Healthcare Brilliance CT Big Bore
Sapheneia Inc. Clarity Server
Siemens Healthcare Somatom Definition Flash
Siemens Healthcare Somatom Defintion Edge
Siemens Healthcare Somatom Definition AS/AS+
Siemens Healthcare Somatom Perspective
Siemens Healthcare Somatom Emotion
Toshiba Aquilion One Vision
Toshiba AquilionOne 640
Toshiba Aquilion One 320
Toshiba Aquilion Prime
Toshiba Aquilion RXL
Toshiba Aquilion LB

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