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ECG Management Systems

Last updated on December 03, 2021
Company Product
Cardiocomm Solutions Inc. GEMS (Home, WIN and FLEX) - ECG Management system
Cardiocomm Solutions Inc. Guava II and Guava FLEX - ECG Viewer
Cardiocomm Solutions Inc. GEMS Mobile and Mobile Rx - Consumer ECG Device ECG management system
Cardiocomm Solutions Inc. GEMS Rhythm
Cerner Corp. ECG Management
Epiphany Healthcare Cardio Server
GE Healthcare MUSE NX Cardiology Information System
IBM Watson Health Merge Cardio (with Epiphany Healthcare - Cardio Server)
Infinitt North America Infinitt Cardiology Suite
Lumedx Corp. ECG Manager
Novarad Corp. NovaCardio ECG Management System
ScImage Inc. PICOM365

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