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The Sapheneia Clarity Solutions product-line provides a complete solution for anatomy-specific image enhancement, enabling lower radiation dose protocols for data acquisition while maintaining diagnostic quality and increasing patient- and clinical staff safety.
Clarity Solutions are optimized on-site for the highest effectiveness with your specific workflow and diagnostic requirements.
Clarity CT Solution is an image enhancement, post-processing product enabling 20-50% or more radiation dose reduction while retaining diagnostic confidence.
Clarity XR Solution supports all modalities, improving the visibility of anatomic structures in radiographic images while simultaneously reducing noise.
Clarity Ultrasound and Fluoro Solutions provide Original Equipment Manufacturers the opportunity to incorporate Sapheneia’s advanced image-optimization methods in real-time, leading to lower development costs, rapid market deployment, and the strategic advantage of presenting the highest diagnostic image quality.
It is Sapheneia’s mission to provide medical image optimization solutions to promote the highest diagnostic confidence, greater patient and medical staff safety, and improved cost-effectiveness of medical imaging.
Sapheneia is a global, ISO-certified Imaging Services Company specializing in diagnostic and analytical image processing solutions. All Sapheneia products, Clarity CT, XR, Ultrasound and Fluoro Solutions, have FDA clearance. Sapheneia is ISO certified according to EN 13485 and has dedicated Support Centers in US, Europe, and Asia.
Sapheneia pledge to Image Gently.