Advancements in Wearable ECG Technology

Doctor and patient
Technology-enabled “Insourcing” approach to cardiac arrhythmia diagnosis provides patient and provider benefits The incidence and prevalence of…
Several wearable, less-obtrusive ECG monitors fhave been cleared by the FDA for longer wear. This example is Cardiac Insight’s Cardea SOLO device.
When the patients of Michael Boler, M.D. need cardiac monitoring, the Holter monitor is no longer his first choice. “The newer ECG devices we have…
OTC ECG devices can help detect abnormal heart rhythms in the general population, and this technology will continue to improve.
Apple created a stir when it announced in 2018 that its Apple Watch Series 4 was the first consumer health and fitness product to enable wearers to…
The ECG data is automatically analyzed by the Cardea SOLO software and an easy to read and interpret report is generated in five minutes.
COVID-19 has posed challenges for physicians whose cardiac patients are at-risk and reluctant to schedule an office visit. Floyd Russak, M.D., of…
Patient applying a Cardiac Insight Cardea SOLO monitoring device at home.
Improved short-term monitoring methods for patients with stroke risk can increase early detection of atrial fibrillation (AF) and speed interventions…
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