News | January 24, 2013

AirStrip Technologies and Vanguard Health Systems Form Strategic Partnership

Agreement will leverage full AirStrip enterprise mobility platform, capitalize on AirStrip’s innovative mHealth developments to support Vanguard initiatives

AirStrip Technologies Inc. Vanguard Health Systems Partenship

January 24, 2013 — AirStrip Technologies Inc. announced that it has entered into a long-term strategic partnership with Vanguard Health Systems Inc.

Vanguard will implement the full U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-cleared AirStrip mHealth platform system-wide. The deployment will include AirStrip Patient Monitoring, AirStrip Cardiology, AirStrip OB and early adoption of new applications to extend the value of current investments in electronic medical records as well as patient monitoring across the continuum of care.

“Vanguard has been a long-term partner for perinatal safety in the San Antonio market,” noted AirStrip Chief Strategy Officer and Executive Vice President Bruce Brandes. “We are very pleased to significantly expand on that collaboration to leverage mobility as an enterprise-wide asset in support of Vanguard’s strategic initiatives.”

Vanguard, which develops comprehensive healthcare delivery networks in urban markets, owns and operates 28 acute care and specialty hospitals and complementary facilities and services in metropolitan Chicago, Ill.; metropolitan Phoenix, Ariz.; metropolitan Detroit, Mich.; San Antonio, Texas; Harlingen and Brownsville, Texas; and Worcester and metropolitan Boston, Mass.

“AirStrip brings both innovation and value to the table by enhancing and mobilizing our existing monitoring systems and various EHR platforms,” said Vanguard Executive Vice President Strategy and Innovation/Chief Transformation Officer Brad Perkins, M.D. “In particular, the AirStrip platform will support Vanguard’s efforts to streamline and optimize workflow, consistently advance best practices and ultimately achieve measurable outcomes improvement.”

“Vanguard will leverage the comprehensive AirStrip platform with a goal of strengthening our ability to deliver state-of-the-art, clinically-coordinated, integrated and evidence-based care,” added Vanguard Executive Vice President/Chief Medical Officer Mark Montoney, M.D. “We are confident AirStrip will be an effective partner as we enter a new era of healthcare that concentrates on outcomes and population health.”

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