News | September 23, 2013

GE OEC C-Arm Rated Best in Image Quality and Dose in Independent Study

GE OEC 9900 Elite was ranked the overall best Mobile C-arm, produced the best quality images and had the least amount of radiation

September 23, 2013 — In an independent study presented during the North American Spine Society (NASS) Annual Meeting in October 2012, GE Healthcare’s OEC Elite 9900 mobile C-arm was rated the best in image quality and dose management.

The study, presented by Mark L. Prasarn, M.D. (lead author, department of orthopaedics, University of Texas), aimed to rate fluoroscopic image intensifier mobile C-arms on various factors. The researchers found the OEC C-arm delivered the best image quality at the least dose when compared against three other major manufacturer’s models. GE Healthcare Surgery OEC is recognized as a leading mobile surgical imaging producer with over 35,000 OEC C-arms installed worldwide. The OEC 9900 Elite boasts excellent image quality and an easy-to-use interface, ideal for surgical and minimally invasive interventions.

The study also highlights that as instrumentation and surgical techniques advance, the dependence of spine surgeons on intraoperative fluoroscopy increases exponentially. The quality of fluoroscopy is critical for not only placing instrumentation but also during minimally invasive surgery that is reliant upon intraoperative imaging for proper visualization.

The comes in the OEC Elite 9900 Ortho/Surgery and the OEC Elite 9900 Vascular configurations.

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