News | June 13, 2007

Heart Attack Predictor Could Save Lives

June 14, 2007 — HD Medical Group Ltd. recently announced the ViScope 100 series, an audio-visual auscultation tool for effective cardiac triage.

The experimental device, which may be available in the U.S. next year, is able to detect heart noises that can signal an impending heart attack.

ViScope allows the physician to see, hear, and evaluate heart sounds to identify common pathologies. Specialized features include amplification and selective filtering of sounds.

As many as 500 patients are enrolled in a clinical trial at Melbourne's Alfred Hospital starting next month. Results of the trial may be available by the end of the year, with an application for approval to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration possible in early 2008.

It's a combination of the company's proprietary ViScope instrument and technology licensed from Australia's Commonwealth Scientific and Research Organization (CSIRO) in December last year.

CSIRO technology is based on the principle of RF backscatter and does not require any contact with skin. By placing the sensor over the top of clothing, various signals are recorded, which appear to reflect either movement of the heart or intracardiac or intravascular pressure waveforms.

The first generation ViScope product will be available later in 2007 for doctors to use. ViScope is designed to be user-friendly and portable, requiring no external PC. It delivers objective evidence for accurate triage, and enables detection of problems at an early stage.

According to its makers, doctors can be trained to use the ViScope system in a few hours and can use it without the need for technical support or interpretation of results by a specialist. It can also be seamlessly integrated with telemedicine technologies.

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