News | July 16, 2010

RIS/PACS Viewer Now Supports Windows 7

July 16, 2010 – The eRAD Version 6 RIS/PACS Viewer has been validated for compatibility with Microsoft Windows 7 Version 64-bit Operating System workstation environments, eRAD announced earlier this week.

“Our customers successfully run eRAD in a variety of operating environments and by using various emulators,” said Seth Koeppel, senior VP of sales at eRAD. “We now add 64-bit Win 7 as one which we fully support.”

According to James Tollack, eRAD’s Director of Engineering, eRAD performed a battery of tests to validate all elements of viewer functionality, including pre-fetching, caching, study manipulation, and reporting; thus verifying operability, stability, and performance. eRAD features supported for the Windows 7 64-bit platform include: multi-planar reconstruction, image stitching, digital mask subtraction, and image fusion, as well as AVI creation and playback.

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