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Visage Soars with CloudPACS at RSNA 2023

Visage introduces Visage 7, Cardiology Imaging and Visage 7 RadPath Hub 

Visage introduces Visage 7, Cardiology Imaging and Visage 7 RadPath Hub

November 13, 2023 — Visage Imaging, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Pro Medicus Ltd., has announced it will be showcasing a series of exciting new product additions and innovations, as well as the industry-leading Visage 7 Enterprise Imaging Platform ("Visage 7"), engineered for CloudPACS ( at the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) 2023 annual meeting, Booth 4329, McCormick Place South Hall (Chicago, IL) from Sunday, November 26 – Wednesday, November 29, 2023. 

Visage 7's speed revolutionized Radiology, and that ultrafast speed is now available for Cardiology. 

Visage continues to lead Imaging's managed services SaaS move to the cloud. Visage 7 CloudPACS delivers sub-second image display based on industry standards and multi-cloud support, while propelling cloud adoption at a fraction of the storage cost of on-premise solutions. For more than 3 years, 100% of Visage's new PACS customers have been implemented in the cloud, with the scale and sophistication required for academic, integrated delivery networks (IDN) and outpatient imaging organizations. Visage 7 CloudPACS customers have experienced unparalleled performance, high availability, enhanced security and scalability, combined with Visage's precision clinical tools and novel innovations. 

Visage is accelerating Imaging's transformation to the cloud by sharing the roadmap for success. Based on interviews with experienced radiologists, IT professionals and C-suite executives representing institutions spanning academic, IDN and outpatient organizations, Signify Research's Amy Thompson, Research Manager, authored the first of its kind research-based whitepaper, "Journey to the Cloud: Provider Considerations, Key Learnings and What's Next". This has been supplemented by The Imaging Wire publishing a video interview, "The Journey to Cloud-Based PACS". 

"Visage is transitioning customers to the cloud with unprecedented velocity," explained Malte Westerhoff, PhD, Visage Co-Founder and Global Chief Technology Officer. "This RSNA we'll be sharing numerous innovations, many of which are inspired by customer collaboration, spanning areas including workflow, AI, semantic annotations, clinical tools, education, correlation of radiology/pathology findings and Cardiology." 

At RSNA 2023, in addition to demonstrating the breadth of the Visage 7 platform, Visage is introducing multiple new solutions and offering customer insights into Visage 7, including: 

  • Visage 7 | Cardiology Imaging. Visage 7's speed revolutionized Radiology, and that ultrafast speed is now available to provide immediate access to the massive datasets of Cardiology, for both local and remote access to imaging. Visage 7 | Cardiology Imaging is cloud engineered and is based on the proven Visage 7 platform. Visage 7 | Cardiology Imaging offers high performance, advanced interoperability and native tools for Cardiac Catheterization and Echocardiography, including the following new tools: Ejection Fraction Tool, Doppler Curve Tool and Doppler Velocity Tool. 
  • Visage 7 is AI-Ready. From the very beginning, Visage 7's ultrafast dynamic streaming has been based on GPU technology, which has also powered the revolution of imaging AI. Visage 7 maximizes these strengths with a single platform, enabling smart workflows that bridge diagnostic imaging with research, while also supporting deep integration to third-party algorithms. Using an Open AI API based on the latest standards, and tools that leverage, for example, FHIR, Python, NIfTI, webforms, and 3D segmentations, the result is a unique fusion of AI and imaging that enhances diagnostic interpretation. 
  • In the Visage booth, Visage will be demonstrating Visage Breast Density and numerous AI algorithms based on Visage AI Accelerator* global customer research collaborations, as well as third-party AI solutions. Furthermore, for the fourth year in a row, Visage is a proud PACS participant in the Imaging Artificial Intelligence in Practice (IAIP) demonstration (South Hall, Booth 4358), showcasing new AI technologies and integration standards needed to embed AI into diagnostic workflow. *The Visage AI Accelerator Program is by invitation only. 
  • Visage 7 RadPath Hub. Optimizing interdepartmental communication of pathology findings is integral to improved patient care. Visage 7 RadPath Hub closes the loop and expands the Visage 7 ecosystem beyond Radiology. With a simple email, radiologists now have intelligent, automated and immediate correlation of pathology results to relevant Radiology exams. Visage 7 RadPath Hub enables radiologists to close the loop by confirming radiology findings with pathology results, building confirmed study cohorts for research and education, while also providing the ability to launch the study instantly via the Visage 7 Viewer 
  • Visage 7 | Workflow - Load Balancer. Launched at RSNA 2022, Load Balancer offers an ultrafast, generational improvement in the distribution of enterprise worklists. While at RSNA, learn insights from the production use of Load Balancer across one of the largest innovative academic health systems in the US. On Monday, November 27 at 4 PM CST in the Visage Booth, join Myles Taffel, MD, where he'll share an insightful presentation about his institution's experiences using Load Balancer to transform workflow from the medical center to the community, and beyond. 

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