News | December 30, 2014

Zoll to Acquire Advanced Circulatory Systems Inc.

Acquisition will broaden product offerings with additional technologies designed to improve outcomes from cardiac arrest and other critical conditions

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December 30, 2014 — Zoll Medical Corp. announced that it will acquire Advanced Circulatory Systems Inc.

Founded in 1997, Advanced Circulatory Systems’ technologies use the body’s own mechanisms to enhance circulation without the use of pharmaceutical or other agents. The vendor’s device uses a facemask with a regulator system to increase or decrease interior chest pressure during normal respiration or CPR to improve the heart’s ability to enhance pre-load and cardiac output. Multiple studies have demonstrated how Advanced Circulatory Systems’ technologies may assist in increasing circulation, cardiac output and systolic blood pressure.

Advanced Circulatory Systems’ Intrathoracic Pressure Regulation (IPR) therapy platform has far-reaching implications for multiple medical conditions. This non-invasive therapy can potentially protect the heart, brain and other vital organs when blood flow is compromised, giving rescuers, clinicians and caregivers the potential to return patients to a full life after critical medical emergencies.

Zoll anticipates the transaction will close in early 2015. Advanced Circulatory Systems will continue to operate out of Minnesota as a part of Zoll’s Core Products division.

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