Technology | June 28, 2006

Additional Features Aim to Expand Hybrid Imaging Capabilities

Siemens has introduced a 40-slice configuration to its Biograph family of PET/CT systems. The Biograph family — which consists of two-, six-, 16-, 40- and 64-slice configurations — is reportedly a comprehensive PET/CT product.

A unified platform for visualization of cardiac images from hybrid imaging technologies, the syngo CardioFusion makes it quick and easy to view high-quality images of the heart, said the company.

Features reportedly include One-Click Heart Isolation, an advanced feature that isolates the heart from the surrounding tissue, Automatic Registration; Advanced Visualization/Fused VRT(2), a new display capability that fuses volume rendering techniques (VRT) of two imaging modalities (i.e., CT VRT fused with PET VRT); Reorientation that allows the user to easily manipulate images to conform to AHA display guidelines; and Reslicing, which simplifies generation of parallel ranges along the cardiac image planes.

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