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Hemostatis Products Use Thrombin to Curb Bleeding

D-Stat Dry

Vascular Solutions offers a variety of hemostasis products used to stop bleeding. D-Stat products rely on biologically active components to induce bleeding cessation.The products use thrombin, a natural component of the clotting cascade. Thrombin cleaves fibrinogen to fibrin, enhancing the body's own ability to produce clot.

D-Stat Dry
D-Stat Dry is a topical hemostatic bandage used to control surface bleeding from vascular access sites following percutaneous procedures. It relies on the science and clotting power of thrombin to activate clotting factors VII, V and XII.

Clinical results from a 376-patient, five-center, prospective randomized U.S. clinical study showed that D-Stat Dry reduces the time to hemostasis compared with standard manual compression alone. The study evaluated D-Stat Dry as an adjunct to hemostasis in diagnostic femoral catheterizations using 4F-6F introducer sheaths.

Stat Dry Wrap
A convenient pre-cut version of D-Stat Dry, D-Stat Dry Wrap is designed specifically for the control of bleeding around indwelling lines. It contains the same thrombin activity level as the original D-Stat Dry, and comes complete with a clear adhesive bandage for continuous site monitoring after hemostasis is achieved.

Stat 2 Dry
D-Stat 2 Dry is a convenient two-bandage version of the D-Stat Dry hemostatic bandage. The pad contains the same thrombin activity level as the original D-Stat Dry, but can be separated in two for application on two separate puncture sites.

The products are contraindicated in persons with known sensitivity to bovine-derived materials.

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