Biodex Medical Systems

20 Ramsay Road
Shirley, NY 11967-4704

THE BIODEX COMMITMENT Biodex Medical Systems, an ISO 9001:2000 and EN 46001:1996 certified company, is committed to innovative products, uncompromised quality and service excellence. Our dedicated employees have enabled us to concentrate on one constant goal - to work as a team to produce and support the finest products available. YOUR INPUT IS MORE THAN APPRECIATED - IT IS ESSENTIAL Our philosophy of functional and elegant design continues to make the best products in our markets even better. Whether using state-of-the-art technology to support new clinical applications or expanding customer services, we make sure that your needs and recommendations are always considered. Your input is more than appreciated - it is essential to our continued success. The spirit that has kept our company growing, continues to result in products that deliver the quality, safety and lasting value you expect and deserve. WE TAKE PRIDE The decision to purchase a medical device should never be taken lightly. We believe that you should purchase a product with complete confidence that it will meet your needs, perform as expected and be backed by a reliable system of service. The people who produce, sell and service Biodex products take pride in their work. It is no surprise that we find a similar attitude among you, the professionals who have become our loyal customers. Biodex products are engineered and manufactured to only one level of quality… the best. Dependability and exceptional performance allow you to forget about the product and focus on the patient - that’s your “Clinical Advantage.” If you are one of our existing customers, we thank you for your support and promise that we will continue our tradition of excellence. If you are a new customer, we invite you to try our products and realize that you have found a company that will exceed your expectations.