Nihon Kohden America, Inc.

90 Icon Street
Foothill Ranch, CA 92610

Nihon Kohden America was founded in 1979 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Nihon Kohden Corporation, Japan (founded in 1951). Nihon Kohden America is a market leader in Patient Monitoring Sleep Assessment, Neurology and Cardiology instrumentation. Our products are distributed to hospitals, physician's practices, mobile services, and outpatient and surgery centers throughout North America.
Our instrumentation is based on our core philosophy of utilizing innovative technology to provide value-oriented products that improve patient outcome while reducing healthcare delivery costs. In addition, our continued commitment to customer satisfaction is the cornerstone to our success.
Innovative software solutions span the continuum of patient care. In our line of monitoring products, our Smart Cable technology, wireless networks and remote access is setting a whole new standard in the area of patient monitoring. Our neurology instrumentation combines versitality and innovation with powerful research analysis software to assist caregivers in identifying, localizing an dquantifying abnormalities so that effective treatment can occur. This combination has resulted in the continual development of ground-breaking technologies, such as our revolutionary AirEEG wireless EEG/PSG recording unit. Our instrumentation allows the flexibility and expandability needed to meet the changing demands of today's neurodiagnostic field.