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NovaRad provides affordable, top-rated products that can help hospitals and imaging centers improve their financial outlook. Offering a full range of affordable RIS, PACS, ER, OR, orthopedic and cardio tools for hospitals, radiology centers and clinics, all systems are open, scalable, web based and run on Windows software and on Dell or HP hardware. NovaRIS, an IHE compliant system, generates reports, tracks profitability, and facilitates paperless management of patient records. Also includes billing interface, mammo tracking, scheduler, and voice recognition. NovaPACS is still the most affordable, complete PACS. The enterprise level, scalable, PACS offers fast image retrieval, full-feature viewer with intuitive interface, seven-year on-site archive with off site emergency back-up. Radiologists become more efficient with the full screen viewing, easy to use menus and mouse based functions. A full set of tools ease tasks for technologists and referring physicians have complete access to images and reports from any computer. NovaRad currently has installations of its products at more than 250 sites nationwide. Call today for a quote and product demo. Installations can be completed in less than four weeks.

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