News | March 27, 2013

Blood Pressure Test May Lower Cost for Detecting Heart Problems

AngioDefender Everist Genomics Inc. CE mark

March 27, 2013 — A new test that detects asymptomatic individuals who may be at risk for cardiovascular disease is being launched in Europe at the Healthcare Innovation Expo 2013. The device, known as AngioDefender, was developed by Everist Genomics Inc. of Ann Arbor, Mich., in collaboration with scientists at Rutgers University, New Jersey. The developers claim that the test will lower the cost of detecting and treating cardiovascular problems and improve patient outcomes.

The test is noninvasive, takes 15 minutes and uses an arm cuff much like a blood pressure test. However, this test can detect signs of early onset cardiovascular disease. It measures the functional health of endothelial cells in the brachial artery of the arm which independent research has shown to be a very reliable indicator of cardiovascular health.

"We have received approval to add the CE mark to our novel medical device," said Steve Everist, CEO of Everist Genomics. "The CE mark opens up the market for this device to countries in the European Union and to other countries that recognize the CE mark. Use of the test will help to save lives through the early detection of cardiovascular disease, particularly in asymptomatic individuals, i.e., young people who are fit, non-smokers and have no family history of heart problems."

"At the same time, because early detection of potential heart problems has the ability to reduce health care costs, we believe this test will appeal to government and private healthcare providers. Heart disease is the biggest single killer of both men and women in Europe, North America and elsewhere in the world," Everist said.

Everist Genomics introduced the AngioDefender at the Healthcare Innovation Expo 2013, where it hoped to meet potential U.K. partners in both the government and private sector. Following its U.K. introduction, the company expects to seek distributors for its technology throughout the European Union.

"We chose to launch the AngioDefender at the NHS Healthcare Innovation Expo because we believe the expo provides the best possible showcase for a novel device that can both lower health costs and improve patient outcomes," Everist said.

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