Technology | Blood Pressure Monitor | January 17, 2017

SunTech Oscar 2 Blood Pressure Monitor Now with Patient Diary App and SphygmoCor Inside

Diray app allows patients to enter information about activity, posture or other symptoms to help physicians with data interpretation

Suntech Medical, Oscar 2 ambulatory blood pressure monitoring system, ABPM, Patient Diary App, SphygmoCor Inside

January 17, 2017 — The new SunTech Oscar 2 24-hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring system (ABPM) is now available with the True24 ABPM Patient Diary mobile app, which links to the Oscar 2 via Bluetooth. The True24 app provides a tutorial on ABPM, and prompts the patient to enter information about their activity, posture or any symptoms experienced during a physician-prescribed ABPM study. This diary information helps clinicians interpret the ambulatory blood pressure study data to make well-informed hypertension treatment decisions.

SunTech Oscar 2 is also available with the SphygmoCor Inside technology from AtCor Medical to measure central blood pressure. AtCor Medical’s patented sub-diastolic waveform measurement provides a fully-featured physiological waveform for the most detailed data and accurate augmentation index in all patients 18 and older.

The Oscar 2 comes standard with SunTech’s proprietary motion tolerance technology, which eliminates failed readings and repeated studies caused by motion-related artifacts. The device uses the SunTech Medical-patented Orbit cuff, designed specifically to provide compliance, reliability and patient comfort during ABPM use. The Oscar 2 is powered by the newly redesigned AccuWin Pro 4 software for efficient programming and analysis.

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