News | July 26, 2007

Cardiac Science Receives F&S Award for ECG Monitoring

July 27, 2007 – Cardiac Science Corp., a cardiac monitoring and defibrillation products company, received Frost & Sullivan’s award for Global Excellence in ECG Monitoring, which recognizes its leadership and innovative vision in the cardiac monitoring marketplace.

Frost & Sullivan determines the Award recipient based on numerous factors, including the company’s business development, competitive strategy and leadership within the Frost & Sullivan ECG Monitoring Industry Research Group.

Cardiac Science’s leadership in cardiac monitoring is the product of two of its predecessor companies, Quinton Cardiology Systems and Burdick Inc. Quinton acquired Burdick in 2003 and Cardiac Science in September 2005. Today, Cardiac Science is a global leader in the development, manufacture and marketing of non-invasive, diagnostic and therapeutic cardiology devices and services, including industry-leading electrocardiography devices marketed under the Burdick and Quinton brand names.

Burdick and Quinton brand ECGs offer hospitals and physicians a variety of solutions, including traditional and PC-based ECGs, for both acute and ambulatory care settings. The Company’s current product line features innovations for ECG results critical for patient care, including: connectivity to leading electronic medical record (EMR) software and systems; ECG data management, capturing patient reports from stress systems, Holter monitors and ECG devices; and an interpretation algorithm that considers five clinically significant criteria.

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