News | November 12, 2008

Tekturna Renin Inhibitor Lowers High Blood Pressure in Elderly

November 12, 2008 - New clinical data presented at the American Heart Association 2008 Scientific Sessions shows the direct renin inhibitor Tekturna (aliskiren) provides effective blood pressure reductions in patients with high blood pressure aged 65 and older.

In the AGELESS study, Tekturna lowered systolic blood pressure by an additional 2.3 mmHg in patients aged 65 and over, compared to the ACE inhibitor ramipril. Almost 70 percent of people over age 60 have high blood pressure and it remains uncontrolled in more than 60 percent of hypertensive adults over age 60. Even adults who do not have high blood pressure by age 55 face a 90 percent chance of developing it in their lifetime.

The AGELESS study, conducted in 900 patients with systolic hypertension aged 65 and older, showed that Tekturna (150 mg daily increased to 300 mg daily if uncontrolled) lowered systolic blood pressure by 13.6 mmHg, versus a reduction of 11.3 mmHg in patients taking ramipril (5 mg daily increased to 10 mg daily if uncontrolled) after 12 weeks of treatment. A reduction of diastolic blood pressure (pressure between heart beats) was also achieved after 12 weeks of treatment with Tekturna versus ramipril (-4.8 mmHg vs. -3.5 mmHg, respectively).

The efficacy and safety in this study was generally similar to that with younger patients in other Tekturna studies.
AGELESS is part of the landmark ASPIRE HIGHER program, the largest ongoing cardio-renal development program worldwide involving more than 35,000 patients. In addition to 35 hypertension studies in specific patient populations, the ASPIRE HIGHER program involves four outcome studies and six surrogate markers trials (trials studying key markers of disease progression) evaluating the effects of Tekturna-based therapy in a wide range of patient types.

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