Technology | October 05, 2008

ACIST Features Contrast Injectors, Software at TCT 2008

EmpowerCTA injector system offers both ACIST’s patented extravasation detection accessory (EDA) and a saline chase. This CT injector features air embolism protection, on-the-fly flow rate manipulation and syringe loading and arming at the injector.

EmpowerMR injector system has multiple features created to cope with the problem of electrical interference in the magnetic field of the MR scanner, including a hydraulic control system instead of the shielded electrical control components used by most other MR injector systems.

IRiS (Injector Reporting Information System) software package automates the data management process and helps turn your Empower Injector Systems into an integrated network, facilitating department analysis and decision making.

October 2008

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