Technology | June 01, 2008

Braemar's DL900 Advanced Holter Monitor Holds Compact Design

Braemar Inc. rolled out the DL900, a 1.75 ounce, compact digital Holter monitor with a large liquid crystal display (LCD) and extended recording time of up to seven days.

The new model includes a newly designed, custom analog IC for signal acquisition is the technology platform for the advanced capabilities of the DL900.

The DL900 increases diagnostic yield and provides extended recording time of several days or more for clinical research applications. The device combines high speed USB transfer capability with the ability to use a removable SD memory card. The DL900 provides high-resolution recordings as well as high sampling rate options suitable for both clinical and research applications. A programmable pacemaker detection capability provides the clinician with additional data.

The DL900's technology platform reportedly has the capacity to support numerous OEM capabilities, including multi parameter recording and data storage of a variety of physiological signals.

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