Technology | Point-of-Care Ultrasound (POCUS) | July 14, 2015

Mindray Introduces TE7 Touch Enabled Ultrasound System for Point-of-Care

Mobile touchscreen device offers fast focused assessment with high image quality, responsive operation and simplified workflow

Mindray, TE7 Touch Enabled Ultrasound System, point of care, POC

July 14, 2015 - Mindray announced the release of its TE7 Touch Enabled Ultrasound System, which supports rapid and confident evaluation in multiple point-of-care (POC) settings. The intuitive tablet-like operation, high image quality with one-touch image optimization, and exam presets improve both diagnostic confidence and efficiency.

Unlike many POC systems, the TE7 cuts the clutter with no keyboard, streamlining clinical workflow and diagnosis with intuitive gestures. Simply select a focused exam preset and relevant functions become accessible: Tap to open or close functions, drag to adjust parameters or move objects, pinch to zoom in or out, slide for selections and even swipe to expand the image – all with the touch of a finger. 

The TE7 goes further with high image quality and a rich set of applications to meet the wide range of needs in different point-of-care settings. Among the expanded capabilities are cardiac functionality, including continuous wave (CW) Doppler and a transesophageal echocardiography (TEE) transducer.

With its slim profile cart, the TE7 showcases innovative ergonomic design and provides excellent mobility. With three active transducer connectors, three-second start-up from standby, built-in wireless communications, and two hours of battery, it is ready to perform when time is critical. The TE7 can also be mounted on a wall for immediate access. 

Other distinguishing features include:

  • 15-inch high resolution anti-glare touchscreen;
  • Emergency department-specific applications, including EM FAST, EM ABD and Q-path;
  • Cardiac capabilities, including CW and TEE support;
  • iTouch one-touch image optimization;
  • iNeedle optimized needle visualization with dedicated nerve exam presets;
  • Full suite of transducers;
  • Built-in Wi-Fi; and
  • Height-adjustable cart with retractable cord


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